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Even though last night’s new episode of “Love and Hip Hop: NY” showed reality star Tahiry Jose calling it quits with boyfriend Joe Budden, the couple seemed to have rekindled their on-and-off again relationship… appearing together on Vh1’s Big Morning Buzz today.

Fresh of the drama, Tahiry and Joe both shared their rules for taking selfies and why most guys shouldn’t attempt them. The aspiring actress also dished on confronting a girl who sent Joe naked photos of herself and if whether or not they’re back together, during the Q&A session.

Here’s the highlights from the interview:

Q: Your relationship therapist recommended that you both make emotional “deposits” into your relationship. How are the deposits [going]?

Tahiry: As of he late, he’s been making deposits..I’ve been..
Joe: Just withdrawing

Q: Is this fair? 

Tahiry: I don’t care.

Q: How can you guys fix that?

Tahiry: Well, I’m usually the fair one so eventually I’ll get back on the program. 

Joe: It’ll balance out; I’ve withdrew enough over the years.
Q:I heard you actually confronted a girl that was texting Joe.
Joe: Which girl? She’s confronted many a woman throughout the years.

Tahiry: That was actually like, years ago…like what? 4 or 5 years ago (looks at Joe)?
Joe: That’s her disclaimer [laughs].

Q: Ok, what was the story? And how many times have you had to do this? 

Tahiry: Just a few times I’ve done it throughout the years.
But, you know, he claimed they were “friends” and then one day I was checking his phone (years ago, again) and I find this [nekkid] pic from his “friend.” So he had his birthday party that year and the girl was invited, so I confronted her.

Q: And how did that go?

Tahiry: Great! She…..hit the floor.
I don’t condone violence though….that was years ago. I was crazy in love. That’s not how you deal with things. I should have just made him hit the floor because, you know, he was my boyfriend. He was going back and forth with the girl. You know what I’m saying? He’s the responsible one if he’s the one in the relationships so, you really can’t put it on the girl.
But, that was years ago. I don’t even bother anymore. We’ve matured, we’ve grown up.

Q: Well, congratulations are in order for you. Suite 135 just opened.

Joe: It was one of my dreams. It was part of my vision board to eventually own my own club or lounge. I come from that business and I’ve done every part of the job when it comes to that industry. So, now my dream came true and I’m a club owner. It’s Suite 135 and it’s in Harlem and…it’s great.

Watch the video below:

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