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Former Mob-Wives star Ramona Rizzo recently had a New York man shaking crazy in his pants after she ordered armed thugs to abduct him off a Chelsea street corner so she could shake him down for $10,000 and jewelry.

The victim, 36-year-old Shonte Gibson, told NYPD that while he was held captive by Rizzo, she ‘allegedly’ yelled at him, “I’ll kill you and I’ll kill your family,” when he was stuffed into her Chevy Traverse SUV outside the hot spot Chelsea Manor on Saturday.

FoxNews reports:

Rizzo, 41 — the granddaughter of notorious Bonanno soldier Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero and fiancée of jailed Gambino drug runner Joseph Sclafani — was sitting in the driver’s seat with Gibson behind her.

“She started yelling and cursing Gibson, saying she wanted her money,” a source said.

Rizzo was furious with Gibson over a failed moneymaking scheme, he told cops at the 81st Precinct staion house, where he filed a police report.

Rizzo gave him $10,000 to book blocks of hotel rooms for the NBA All-Star Game — intending to then rebook the rooms at a massive profit, Gibson told police. Gibson never got the rooms, and also didn’t return Rizzo’s cash.

A few hours after the incident, Rizzo tweeted: ““When U Steal or Rob From Any1…. Make sure Ur About That Life…..If Not Get Real Job!!!’’

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  1. If she was really 'bout that life, this never would have hit the newsstands. His body would have found floating in the Hudson River, along with a lot of unanswered questions. Just saying…lol

  2. The chargers r very real she needs to stay with her kids stop fkn around she's no gangster just history with blood ties 3 years on the show even a parkin ticket makes her look guilty she needs to decide who takes care of her kids

  3. Same thing with oj u stop someone or take someone agasnt there will somebody is askin for troubel and in the end its the kids that grow up with no parents

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