Rapper Young Chris Share Naked Throwback Photo Of Rihanna Riding Him On A Yacht, Calls RiRi A H*e & Blast Rihanna’s Navy!

In ratchet news, another celebrity was caught slipping again? Or an underground rapper is just lying about getting some to shed some light on his music career!

Roc-A-Fella rapper Christopher “Young Chris” Reis is looking to score himself some publicity by sharing a throwback photo of pop superstar Rihanna pre-tattoo days riding him, naked, on a private yacht.

The raunchy photo, which was uploaded on Instagram on Thursday, has made several rounds and has received a lot of negative feedback, with one fan saying:

“Rihanna got caught slipping… You’re a role model and ur basically sexing for an audience! #topSket.”

According to our friends over at Bossip, it all started when Chris, who you may remember from his “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”/”No Better Love” Rocafella days as part of the group Young Gunz aka Chris and Neef, posted a yacht photo on his Instagram for Throwback Thursday. He however deleted the photo but not before it went viral, sending Twitter into a tailspin over whether or not the naked woman on his lap was young RiRi.

See photo below:

Chris has not denied or confirm if whether the alleged naked photo (above) is really Rihanna or of another woman who looks like the singer, but he’s definitely going off on Rihanna’s Navy for attacking him on Instagram.
Here’s just one of his reply while calling Rihanna a H*e:

“Y’all BUM A– BITCHES BETTER GTF OFF MY PAGE !! S–k a ni**a D–K or make a Ni**a RICH BI__HHH!..”

His nephew then added:

“Yal Bitches Mad As Sh*t & While Ya Makin Comments My Uncle Still Makin Money He Not Losin No Sleep Yal Bitches Just Wanna Be Relevant On His Page. Rhianna Just Better Be Payin Yal For All The D–k eatin Yal Doin And That Proli Wanted The Pic Up! There you have it she’s a H*e Poof Be Gone Stupid H*es.

…..blank stare!

8 thoughts on “Rapper Young Chris Share Naked Throwback Photo Of Rihanna Riding Him On A Yacht, Calls RiRi A H*e & Blast Rihanna’s Navy!

  1. He's a b88ch for that. Why n***a lies on getting laid. SMH! He's trying to get publicity and I can't believe GWL is giving him that shine.

  2. This stoopid why wait so many years to release this around the same time his mixtape suppose to b released, lol that nigga riding off her name, still tryna b a star, guess it cant stop, want stop tryna b relevant huh, def a fake move, but really if she such a hoe, then wat does that make him, hmm

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