Mama Joyce Throw Punches & Drops Several “F—” Bombs + More Swirling Rumors About Todd Tucker & Carmen’s Secret Affair

On last Sunday’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Mama Joyce had us all wondering if she’s on pursuit to get her own reality show by attempting to throw her clog at Kandi’s best friend Carmen‘s head or was it just a mother’s intuition… pretty much protecting her daughter by all means necessary!

In the beginning of the episode, Kandi invites Carmen over to look at wedding books and to talk about her mother accusing [Carmen] and Todd of sleeping around.

Kandi tells Carmen that during a family dinner with herself, fiance Todd and Mama Joyce; Her mom had apologized for calling her engagement ring “thrifty” and promised to be more supportive of their upcoming nuptials or as Mama Joyce puts it; “I’m still a work in progress.”

Is Kandi hearing things? Because I’m pretty sure her mom had said her approval is a work in progress and progress is moving slower than molasses. (More on that episode HERE Guilty Conscience? Kenya Moore Denies Sexing…)

At the end of the episode Kandi, Carmen and her friend Kwame went wedding dress shopping at a local bridal boutique. Now while Kandi was in the fitting room, Mama Joyce showed up with [Kandi’s] three aunts and greets Kwame and not Carmen. Oh sh*t.

Tensions flair high when Joyce called Carmen “evil.” Carmen calmly questions Joyce about the rumors she’s spreading about her and Todd sleeping around behind Kandi’s back. Mama Joyce responds by taking off her clog, while making several attempts to bash Carmen’s head in. Really now? That’s not being “supportive”.

Coincidentally, the worst of the fight happens while Kandi was in the fitting room. Shortly after Kandi emerges in a fluffy white gown only to see the elders blaming Carmen for getting in Joyce’s face and causing the argument.

Carmen was banished to the store’s waiting area “because this is family time” and she’s not family.

But as soon as Kandi tries on her last dress and the gang of grandmas — lead by Joyce — chime in to tell the singer they don’t want her to get married. Ouch!

Ignoring the haters, Kandi sits down to chat with Carmen at the front of the store and refuses to condemn her mother’s behavior. Carmen is really shaken up and tells Kandi she will have to make a choice whether or not to stand up to her mother or risk losing her friend and fiancé.

It’s time to reel your mother in Kandi because she is ACTING A FOOL!

I’m optimistic that Joyce will come to her senses before this season ends. This is not the same woman I remember from past seasons. Could her five minutes of fame gotten to her head? And on the next episode, the ladies head to Savannah on a bus and obviously tempers flare when Kenya Moore starts popping off at the mouth.

Lets fast forward… At first, viewers thought Mama Joyce was a bit crazy for making all these accusations, but apparently she has an inside scoop on what happens when Kandi is away on her travels. Mediatakeout reports that Carmen, who is on Kandi’s payroll and lives with her, claims whenever Kandi is away, Todd and Carmen turns the house into a “lovers quarters”.

The site also adds that in the last six months, Kandi has been out of the house, for a total of three weeks giving them enough time to mess around. But why would any woman leave a single/another female in their house, especially with their man? Something just doesn’t add up…never believe the rumors!

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