“RHOA” Mama Joyce: “I’m Done Meddling In Kandi’s Love Life,” & Believes ‘Big Headed’ People Should NOT Date!

After seeing how she’s been acting on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (dissing her daughter’s fiance) and how badly fans have been talking about her on social media sites, Kandi Burruss‘ mother Joyce has waved the white flag claiming, “I’m done meddling in Kandi’s love life.”

Here’s what she told RadarOnline:

“I’m out of it. Whatever Kandi does, it is completely her decision now. I wish her well. I just hope that this is the right choice for her.

They have worn me down to the point where it has made me sick. I just don’t feel like Todd is the right choice. I think he’s manipulative…I’ve tried to shield my child, but i’m tired. I’m over it. I pray to God I’m wrong about him.

If Kandi is happy, I’m happy. At the end of the day, she’s the one who will have to deal with him not me.”

However, we’re not done seeing mama Joyce’s bad onscreen behavior as in the upcoming new episode of the Bravo hit show, she will be taking jabs at her daughter and [Kandi’s] fiance Todd Tucker, while explaining to Phaedra Parks that she believes they should not be together because, “she’s short, he’s short and both their heads are big.”

2 thoughts on ““RHOA” Mama Joyce: “I’m Done Meddling In Kandi’s Love Life,” & Believes ‘Big Headed’ People Should NOT Date!

  1. Finally, mama joyce saw how she looked on TV… making a damn fool of herself. it's ok to try to protect our kids, but after a certain age you have to step back and pray that they will make the best choices for themselves, and if not just be there for them..

    1. Well I think this is a good statement from Momma Joyce. She needs to let Kandi (a grown woman) learn the hard way. Btw, Momma Joyce knows about the love triangle between Kandi, Todd and Carmen and that's why she is mad.

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