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With the relationship downs outweighing the ups, Erica lays down the law.

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Erica Dixon can’t seem to win in the relationship department as her new beau O’Shea Russell, (the broke model), is only dating Dixon for them “free coins”.

Last year, we reported that Lil Scrappy‘s baby mother had found herself a new man and first went public via Instagram, but what we didn’t know was the relationship is somewhat like a “business” relationship.

And in-cased you missed it. Last Monday night’s episode ended with O’shea attacking his alleged ex-girlfriend for gas money after he found out Erica had a private lunch with her ex- Lil Scrappy. Watch the clip below:

Since Dixon and O’Shea went public, he’s been slammed with gay and male escort accusations, but hey, it’s the A — the city that is known for men being on the DL.

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