Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Throws Subliminal Shots At Husband, T.I, After He Subtly Claim She’s “Not Loyal”

The saga continues…..

Reality star Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris is still going toe-to-toe with her husband/rapper T.I who made a subtly comment about women “not being loyal” during a radio interview with DJ Whoo Kid and Trey Songz earlier this week.

During the interview, Trey made a witty remark about females, saying; “these h*es ain’t loyal,” quoting Chris Brown‘s hit single, and in response, T.I had this to say:

“Ain’t that the gadamn truth! When they doing the remix? I’ll record that muthafucca right now!”

Still airing out their public grievances… It seems like his wife took offense, and replied last night via Instagram by posting a clip of Nicki Minaj‘s new single “Pills and Potions”:

“Ay yo they could never make me hate you/even though what you was doing wasn’t tasteful /even though you out here looking so ungrateful/I’mma keep it moving be classy and graceful…/”

Now, if you can remember, T.I’s mom recently (June 8th) intervened in the couple’s public drama after Tiny uploaded a photo of herself hanging with her girls Toya Wright, Tamar Braxton, and Miss Mykie, which she captioned, “Bck sick in my city…out with my sexy ladies!!! @glambar @toyawright @tamarbraxtonher we @missmykie here too! She was somewhere primping,” on Instagram.

Tip’s mom, Ms. Violeta, had this to say (basically for the whole world to see — confirming the couple’s marital problems): “Tameka you look happy with your friends, but nothing, absolutely nothing can replace the feeling of being happy with your man! Please have a serious talk with Tip?

Sigh. It appears that T.I. and Tiny haven’t spoken since [T.I.’s] public fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (which was allegedly over the nature of Tiny’s friendship with the boxer). And it also looks like Ms. Violeta didn’t get the message from her son on Instagram, where he asked people to mind their own business and “watch from the sidelines.” But then again, that’s his mother, so she has all right to meddle, right?

Also, VH1 released two all-new episodes of their hit family reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle tonight, (Wednesday, June 10) to get fans back in the fun-loving mood…. despite the family’s separation.

Hopefully with all the shenanigans that happened on Wednesday, it will remind everyone including T.I. and Tiny — how much fun they are when they operate as a family.

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