Traci Braxton Finally Release Her New Single Called, “Last Call” [LISTEN HERE]

If you’re a fan of the Braxton Family Values reality show, then I’m pretty sure you’ve watched reality star turned R&B singer Traci Braxton expressed her feelings of being the outcast of the family and has held on to a lot of anger and hurt due to her sisters leaving her behind when they did the Braxtons album called, So Many Ways, which was released in 1996.

With her own radio show and being a part of WeTv’s “Marriage Boot Camp,” Traci is ready to attain some musical shine by dropping her very first single entitled “Last Call” from her upcoming album, “Crash & Burn.”

On the auto-tune influenced ballad, Traci delivers an emotional tale about possibly giving up on love.
“Hey cupid, why you looking stupid? / You got an arrow don’t you, won’t you use it,” she sings.

Listen to the track above!

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