EXCLUSIVE: Miles Brock Real Reason for Attacking Milan Christopher Before Getting Arrested!

We’ve got an exclusive on why Miles Brock chose to assault his ex-boyfriend Milan Christopher just a day before getting arrested.

On Halloween night (Oct. 31), it was reported that “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Miles Brock was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly attacking his ex-boyfriend and co-star Milan Christopher.

According to Law enforcement (via Tmz), Milan filed a police report with the NYPD Friday night, claiming he and Miles ended up at the same party, they started arguing and Miles slugged him in the face. The next night, Milan reportedly tracked Miles down in Times Square, found a cop and pointed him out.

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The cop cuffed Miles and placed him under arrest for assault. What caused the crazy tension between the two men? Well, a source close to the VH1 production tells us that since Miles came out to his family and having it aired on national television, there have been some resentment between.

“[Brock] became extremely bitter against Milan, and you could tell he was forced to do something he clearly wasn’t ready to do,” the source told us.

“They both have made mistakes in their life, however, the decision for Miles to stop living a double life was a deal breaker for Milan. It was a, now or never, build or break, and in this case it was a ‘break’ for Miles,” the source continued. “[Miles]’s family, friends and career was put on the line…. it ruined him. He has grown but he’s alone, his family has turned their backs on him.”

The source revealed what caused Milan to break by saying:

“Milan is all Miles have right now… so each time Milan would break up with him, the resentments of coming out to his family for a guy — who he thinks wasn’t worth it — would manifest and will keep manifesting until it becomes violent.”

“This past Halloween’s incident was Miles reaching his breaking point” the source said.

When asked our source if ‘they’ think Miles and Milan will ever get back together after this major blowout, the source say; “You never know, Miles and Milan track records show they have broken up only to make up days after. “There’s always a possibility.

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Back in September, the former couple spoke briefly about why they broke up over the summer which was due to Miles showing his ex- high school sweetheart Amber love on Instagram. Miles and Milan told Wendy Williams that they reconciled their differences a week later. Get the full deets HERE

Also, the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars and first gay couple have been in New York City for the VH1’s hit show reunion taping, but things have now come to an halt.

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