Trey Songz’s Bisexual?… Orlando Brown Outs The R&B Singer & KeKe Palmer in the MIX! [VIDEO]

We’ve heard so many swirling gay rumors about Trey Songz over the years, but it’s hard NOT to believe a crackheard. Ooops!

Orlando Brown was all in his feelings over the weekend and took to Instagram to air out Trigga’s dirty laundry.

During a one-minute clip, Brown ranted about Trey being gay, saying everyone knows he’s into oral sex and most of the time he is the one tasting the lollipop.

He also advised KeKe Palmer to drop her lawsuit against the R&B singer because he wasn’t checking for her like that during a girls night-out gone wrong.

“We all know Trey Songz s–ks d*ck. He didn’t want you. You and I both know Keke, that . . . was the gag. He’s a f*g and I don’t have nothing against you people that do the broken wrist sh*t.”

Watch the clip below:

And the gag is? Leave your comments below…..

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