Jay Z Raps About His Unborn Twins On Shining feat. Beyoncé & Dj Khaled [AUDIO]

DJ Khaled has teamed up with the Carters to release a new single entitled, “Shining.” The new track, which dropped late February and features Beyoncé and Jay Z, have already earned this week’s highest debut on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

The track could not have came at a better time in the Carters life as they are expecting twins. Jay-Z also rapped about his unborn twins, saying: “Why is no one talking about Jay’s line about his babies. It’s soo cute! “Don’t let me have a son imma ooouuu send him to school in all my jewels… whatever GOD gives me I’m cool!”

Awe, too cute! But if you haven’t heard the single as of yet, check it out below:

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