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ABC’s “The View” hostess, Whoopi Goldberg, is demanding that President Donald Trump apologize to former President, Barack Obama, after claiming he was wiretapped prior to the Presidential Election.
On Tuesday’s “The View,” while discussing FBI Director James Comey telling the media Monday he “has no information that supports” Trump’s tweets accusing Obama’s administration of wiretapping Trump Tower, Whoopi said he should apologize to former President because “Nobody wiretapped [his] ass!”

Goldberg also said:

 “The FBI director told the House Intelligence Committee there is no information about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, wiretapping Trump’s car, wiretapping Trump’s wife.”

She added, “The bottom line is nobody wiretapped your ass! So maybe Sean Spicer, I know you don’t get this, but perhaps an apology to the former commander-in-chief for accusing him of a federal crime, of a felony. The problem for me is when you know you’re wrong when the FBI, CIA, KFC, LMNOP said this didn’t happen and you double down on the lie.”

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Ranking Member Adam Schiff asked Comey if Trump’s accusations were true. He referred to a March 4 tweet in which the president said, without providing evidence, that he “just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump tower just before the victory.”

Comey replied, “we have looked carefully inside the FBI, and there’s no information that supports those tweets.” A spokesman for Obama has called the claims false, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes added during the hearing that there was “not a physical wiretap of Trump Tower.”

Later in the afternoon, Sean Spicer was asked by a reporter if Trump was “prepared to withdraw that accusation and apologize” to Obama, given Comey’s testimony. Spicer said no, adding, “We started a hearing. It’s still ongoing,” he said. “I think there’s a lot of areas that still need to be covered. There’s a lot of information that still needs to be discussed.”

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