Stephen Curry ROASTED on Twitter Over Shoe Designs…. Details Inside!

I guess not everyone can pull-off a Yeezy!

NBA star Stephen Curry was roasted over the weekend on Twitter for the shoes he designed for Under Armour.

Curry’s latest launch of his new Curry 3 Lux sneaker in Oxblood leather was once again ruthlessly mocked on social media with many fans saying he should just stick to playing ball and leave fashion to professionals.

Via People, while this may look like just another innocuous basketball shoe designed by one of the greatest players in the game, the rest of the web begs to disagree. It seems Curry lacks the Yeezy touch when it comes to footwear, regularly putting out sneakers that instantly become the butt of a million Twitter jokes. This time, he released one of his classic silhouettes, the Curry 3, in a new dark brown leather that due to the color, perforation, and upholstery-like piping instantly had people far and wide comparing the shoes to the interior of a car.

See what some Twitter users had to say below:

No wonder I can’t find my brown leather belt anymore. Stephen Curry made his damn shoes out of it!

Steph Curry39;s new shoe looks like it39;s made out of the cover from Ben Franklin39;s Electricity journal.

Steph Curry39;s New Shoes

If you can recall, last summer, the basketball player received an equally frosty reception from the internet after he debuted his Curry 2 Low “Chef” sneakers, which were quickly hailed as the Kirkland Signatures, Mitt Romney Lows, and the Early Bird Discount Buffet 9s.

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