RHOA: Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan Radio Station Brawl Hits the Net! [VIDEO]

Just recently “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas and Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan were both invited to Charlotte’s Power 98 FM to speak about Matt’s allegations that Peter and Todd claiming he’s unstable.

Apparently, Peter didn’t have to do much to prove his claims were indeed on point and accurate that Matt was a loose cannon. But Matt also flipped the script by accusing both Peter and Todd Tucker of coaching him to finesse thousands of dollars out of Kenya.

Peter, however, kept interrupting Matt as he tries to explain his claims forcing him to go from 0 to 100 threatening to lay hands on Peter in which he later did. As the radio hostess tried to calm Matt down, he somehow blacked out and launch an attack at Peter, who was waiting for him with a “box cutter.”

StraightFromTheA was able to obtain footage of the fight. See video HERE

Image credits: SFA

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