Trump Cuts Funding to Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” Program

President Donald Trump is working around the clock to put an end to the Obama era from trying to demolish Barack Obama‘s Healthcare plan to now putting an end to Michelle Obama‘s “Let Girls Learn” program.

The LGL program, which was established by the former first lady and President Obama in 2015, was created to promote girls’ education in developing countries around the world. As reported by CNN, Trump’s initiative plan “will cease operation immediately,” according to official documents.

“Moving forward, we will not continue to use the ‘Let Girls Learn’ brand or maintain a stand-alone program,” an email read from the agency’s director Sheila Crowley sent to the Peace Corps this week.

“Aspects” of Let Girls Learn will continue, but employees were informed that the program was ending, and were told to stop using the organization’s official name.

“We are so proud of what ‘Let Girls Learn’ accomplished and we have all of you to thank for this success,” Crowley added.

Mrs. Obama’s chief of staff at the White House, Tina Tchen, expressed her disappointment over the ending the former FLOTUS’ beloved program.

“I think it’s unfortunate to not continue with the branded campaign,” she told CNN.

“We think that this is an issue that has bipartisan support, it’s really not a Republican or Democratic issue.”

In October 2016, the Obama administration increased financial support for Let Girls Learn – pledging over $5 million in private sector commitments – in an effort to keep the program running long after his presidency.

Via Harper Bazaar: During her first official appearance after the inauguration just last Friday, Michelle Obama voiced her intention to keep pursuing the causes she held dear (such as promoting girls’ education, helping students apply to college and advocating health and wellness) in her life after the White House.

Also. the memo came the same day President Donald Trump’s agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, was visiting an elementary school in suburban Virginia to announce changes to another initiative spotlighted by the former first lady, healthy school lunches.

So far, Mrs. Obama has not yet released a statement responding to the news. 

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