Still Going Strong? Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Dating Ty Dolla $ign… [PIC]

They are 11-months strong?…..Well, that’s the word on the street!

It was love at first sight for Lauren Jauregui and Ty Dolla $ign after their infamous collaboration on Fifth Harmony’s hit track, “Work From Home” in 2016.

This past week, the Fifth Harmony’s songstress and Ty was spotted hanging out at a friend’s birthday party and [Lauren] also shared a photo of them together on her personal Instagram page for her fans to see.

After the photo was circulated over a thousand times, a few fans commented on Lauren, 20, and Ty, 32, relationship by saying:

“Lauren and Ty Dolla are cute as sh*t.” Though, some fans aren’t sure about the status yet, they still like seeing them together.

“Well I like Ty Dolla $ign and Lauren together either way, dating or not, whether they just hanging and vibing they still cute as f*ck.”

And not everybody is sold on the duo’s relationship: “Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign is such a weird combination.”

Ty also added more fuel to the dating rumors by tweeting, “She knows I’m the man,” on Tuesday night. He later added, “1 thing I do know is how it go.”

So far, there is no definitive proof of the duo shacking up, but fans are convinced there is something going on between them.

1 thought on “Still Going Strong? Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Dating Ty Dolla $ign… [PIC]

  1. No she not dating him okey stop starting drama people in a lot of people don’t believe it because it not true okey it’s just for PR okey

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