What You Should Know about Sex and Men’s Health


It turns out that the beneficial effect of sex on men is not limited to physical pleasure, strengthening of confidence in their own masculinity and the establishing of the status of conqueror of ladies’ hearts. The impact of sex on men’s health is much more multifaceted. Here are some examples of how sexual relationships affect men’s health.

Sex increases immunity

Regular intimate relationships increase men’s desire for cognition and ensure the purity of thinking. This happens partly due to a rise in levels of adrenaline and cortisol in a man’s blood, which, in its turn, becomes the basis for the production of gray matter in the brain. Besides, lowering the level of stress contributes to the growth of watchfulness and flexibility of thinking, which is also provided by sex.

Sex effectively prevents problems with erection

In most men, erectile dysfunction occurs after 40 years due to problems with small blood vessels. Regular sex is an excellent training of small vessels and the easiest way to prevent problems with erection.

Finnish scientists have proved that the risk of erectile problems in men aged from 55 to 75, who have sex at least three times a week, is 25% less than that of their peers who have sex less often than once a week.

Sex can help drop weight

Excess weight often appears due to malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity during an intimate relationship replaces 15 minutes of jogging, trains the hands, buttocks, chest, legs, and back muscles (depending on the position), and burns calories.

Regular sex strengthens the heart

British scientists have proved that 40-55-year-old men, who have sex three times a week or more often, are twice as likely to suffer from heart attacks. Regular sex is a great exercise for all groups of muscles and blood vessels.

Sex cures headaches and migraines

People suffer from headaches and migraines mostly due to spasms of blood vessels. Sex contributes to the normalization of the tone of blood vessels and relieves pain from headaches.

Sex prolongs life and rejuvenates the body

The lifespan of a man is influenced by environmental factors (nutrition, working conditions) and hormonal status. After forty, when testosterone production greatly decreases, the level of stress resistance also drops, and the risk of developing hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes increases. Sex reduces testosterone levels in the blood. Thus, regular intimate relationships prolong a man’s life.

There’s an interesting fact: the life of male monkeys, living in couples and regularly mating, is 25% longer than that of single ones. The same pattern is observed in humans.

Well, we also shouldn’t forget about another important quality of intimate relationships between a man and a woman. It’s the ability to fully feel the need for tactile sensations. Many know what a satisfied need means for a person. But not everyone understands how important it is not to deprive yourself of this simple need. Scientists have recently shown that a person who doesn’t receive a sufficient number of such feelings lives 10-12% less than the person who receives them regularly. In addition, it’s tactile sensations that give a person the very feeling that’s so warm and necessary for everyone – the feeling of being important, loved, and desired. And this is extremely important not only for men but also for their loved ones.

In other words or conclusion to our reasoning, it’s worth saying a couple of words about the importance of regular sex. The optimal sexual activity of a middle-aged man is 3-4 times a week. The longer a man retains sexual activity, the longer he can keep his body and health in shape. Thanks to our friends from yourbride.com for providing this article.

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