How to Turn a Friendship into a Relationship… Let’s chat!


It is believed that the best relationships start with or are based on friendship between partners. However, women are notorious for locking guys in a friend zone and keeping them at a distance. Usually, it’s a man’s fault that a woman views him as a friend. The reason for that is that he failed to demonstrate his romantic intentions or that he really fell for his female friend.

Very often, men view their female friends as perfect partners for serious relationships. They are interesting interlocutors, they are supportive, and you can joke on any matter with them.

The problem is these perfect girls don’t see you as a man and a potential partner.
If you are in a similar situation, it may seem nothing can help you. However, this is only at first sight. It’s possible to bring your relations to the love-involving level. First, read the following tips and then develop your strategy.


Be more precise

If you are her friend, you’ll normally say, “Do you want to go out anywhere?” Your suggestion gives her a number of options and it can be interpreted in many ways. Most likely, she’ll take it as a friendly suggestion and won’t see anything romantic behind it. If your message is different, you should emphasize that you want to spend time with her, not just have a good time together. Your offer should have the following message: I don’t care where we go, I just want to go there together because I enjoy your company.


Ask her out in advance

You can meet with other people spontaneously and without arranging the time and place. Those meetings are always more pleasant than the planned ones. However, if you arrange a meeting with a girl you like, you should carefully prepare for it: choose the day, place, and alternative place. Take care of everything – she should feel your care and attention.

Pick up the tab

Friends always split the bill, even if they are of opposite sex. A romantic couple never does it, especially at the initial stage of their romance. You may think it’s old-fashioned but the man should always pay for dinner on a first date. This is the tradition that will hopefully stay the part of gentleman’s etiquette forever.


Be attentive

Attention to details is what distinguishes a date from a regular get-together. You notice girl’s wishes, try to please her, make physical contact (subtle touches), and create a romantic atmosphere. Some details are so hackneyed that you may not want to include them in your date. For example, candles. But if you light up a candle during your dinner at a restaurant, it will add you some points.

Text, call, and text again

It doesn’t mean you should stalk your girlfriend sending her hundreds of messages a day and calling her at night. You should just demonstrate her that you are focused on her. She should feel that she has a relationship with you even before you formally announce it. It’s necessary to communicate with your girl when you are physically apart.

Remind her about your intentions

Let’s imagine you already communicate with a girl and even went out with her. If you’re ready to move further, it’s time to remind her of your intentions – let her know she is a part of your long-term plans. If you have feelings for her, she should know about it. Keep it transparent and you’ll avoid a friend zone.


Show her your life

If you have an opportunity, introduce her to your friends during your buddies’ get-together. The sooner you do it, the better. You won’t be just a friend for her if she’s honored to enter the circle of your friends. However, make sure nobody of your buddies has an eye on her.

If you are in love with your female friend, you have better chances to transform into her boyfriend than a random guy. Be sincere, honest and don’t let the first obstacle stop you.

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