EARLY MORNING TEA! Bobby V Transgender Scandal, Singer Lawyers Up + Trans Woman Speaks Out!


We recently reported that R&B singer Bobby Valentino was caught leaving a transgender woman’s studio apartment in Atlanta last month.

Now, the “Slow Down” singer, who confirmed he’s bisexual, has lawyered up, and in fact, he filed a warrant for the trans woman’s arrest. The woman at the center of Bobby V’s scandal has been identified as Reima Houston.

Houston recently sat down with a BET Podcast host to tell her side of what exactly happened and to shut down internet rumors of her being a prostitute.

On how they met:

“I was at Birthday Bash in Atlanta with a group of my girlfriends and Mr. Bobby Valentino was hosting the event. He chose to call us over and we ended up in his VIP booth. [I] told him I was transgender and he said he didn’t care about that because I looked like a woman and he’s about to put me in the limelight.”

On what happened the night of the incident; why was he fleeing your apartment half naked?

“So he follows me on Snapchat, and I’m always snapping whether I’m in New York, DC or back in Atlanta. He saw that I was back home and decided to come over. He asked my heterosexual friends to leave, one of them recorded [Bobby] telling her to leave. I thought because of his business proposals I figured that’s what he wanted to go over.”

Houston further explained that shes a studio apartment so everything is in close proximity. “My bed faces my couch, so he was on the couch, and I was on the bed. I noticed as he spoke about getting me in the studio and trans women in general, he started to undress so I reached for my phone. He then asked why I was picking up my phone… that’s when I started to hand him his clothes in which he clapped out of hand. He shoes, pants and keys were all over the apartment.”

Houston told BET that Bobby V’s speech about taking her career to the next level was him being “manipulative.” “I only said give me my money because of the gigs he had promised.”

Houston also revealed the singer’s legal team has fired off a cease and desist letter blocking her from doing interviews but she’s not about to crawl into a box as she too has lawyered up to fight him in court.

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