Halle Berry Reveals Her Secret To Looking Flawless At 50!


Actress Halle Berry is revealing her secret to looking flawless at 50, and honestly, she doesn’t look a day over 30.

During an interview with People Magazine’s Mamarazzi, Berry, revealed that she’s trained her body to live without sugar and carbs, among other things.

“I swear by the ketogenic diet,” Berry told Mamarazzi. “It’s simple. It’s no sugar, no carbs. And what you force your body to do is instead of burning sugar for fuel, you start burning healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, eggs. You start eating healthy fats.

Butter can be a part of your diet. You just eat protein, nuts, legumes. You start teaching your body. Your body begins to burn fat instead of sugar and when you start burning fat, all the fat starts to melt away.”


Though her she lives by the popular ketogenic, Berry also said that she pairs it with her lean diet, which is high in fat, low carbs and an adequate protein diet, and exercises about four to five days a week.

“I do a workout that revolves around my bodyweight most of the time,” she said. “I don’t do a lot of muscles. I don’t want to look like *puffs up cheeks.* I just do bodyweight stuff. I do yoga sometimes. Pilates. I switch it up because your body gets used to the same exercises, so you have to kind of trick it every six or three months.”

When asked if her kids, Nahla, 9, and Maceo, 3, join in on her workouts, the Kidnapped star said they prefer to just be her cheerleaders on the side. “No, they watch me and cheer me on,” Berry said. “‘Good mommy, good! Keep going, keep going!’”

Image credits: Getty/Spotted @Madamenoire

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