Torrei Hart On Kevin Hart Cheating Scandal: “Paybacks A B*tch!”

kevin Hart‘s ex-wife isn’t about to just let his cheating scandal roll under the rug without adding her two cents.

Recently, Hart’s ex- Torrei Hart did an interview with Inside Edition where she commented on her ex-husband cheating scandal, and revealed that Hart’s promiscuous ways was the main reason they got a divorce and drop a bombshell saying, “Eniko was dating him while [we] were still married.”

“Lies and infidelity,” said Torrei. “According to her [Eniko’s] dates, yes [she dated him while we were married]. Never a secret? She said we were separated and not living together, that’s a lie.”

Can you say, Karma is a b*tch?

Torrei wrote on Instagram that her ex- “had used her in his comedy act for years and no one seemed to have had a problem with that.”

“I was done dirty and treated like trash but still always kept it classy. I had to constantly see my kids in pictures with my ex-husband and his mistress and I still took it on the chin like a champ.”

In response to a commenter suggesting that Eniko was fueling rumors that she had been Kevin’s mistress before his marriage, Torrei clapped back with a different story saying:

Eniko sweetheart normally I don’t feed in to this, but when you addressed me directly, you forced my hand to respond…or to be made out a liar. We have made successful strides to become a loving co parenting family, but you have now left it open for my character to be questioned. You, Kevin, and I know the truth. I offer this simple solution to your “ig Comment problems” either respond truthfull or don’t respond at all.

Although the famed-comedian issued an apology to his wife Eniko for his “mistakes” via Instagram, folks are saying he only did it because of the hefty ransom he was being asked to pay to keep his infidelities on the hush hush.

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