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Vic Mensa drops off some new fire on Friday (June 8), tapping G-Eazy on the new banger, “Reverse.”

The new joint is produced by Marshmello and features a trap instrumental that slaps. “DB11, it’s a ‘vert (skrrt skrrt)/It goes skrrt,” Vic raps, adopting a simple flow on the uptempo offering. “Keep her panty droppin’, ridin’ shotgun like she Kurt/Weavin’ through the traffic with my ratchet in the purse/In a Saint Laurent straitjacket, if I crash, I go berserk.”

Eazy puts on the braggadocio for his verse. “Yeah, bend that ass over, throw it backwards/Moonwalkin’ to the pussy like I’m Michael Jackson (oh),” he spits. “Make a film with your bitch, turn into an actor (ah)/Shimmy out and then she ate a pill after/I get clothes from Vaccarello, I get Céline from Slimane/I get packages from/Paris, drop that Fed-Ex, sign my name/I get runway, off the runway, to the runway on the plane/Told you we are not the same, see that Spider switchin’ lanes?”

Listen to Vic Mensa and G-Eazy’s new “Reverse” track below.

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