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Welcome to gwlmag.com! The exciting digital space of lifestyle, for Entertainment News, New Music Updates, Healthy Eating and fashion. GWL is equally at home in New York culture as well as around the world happenings with cutting edge and sub-cultures. In this my personal diary, I share with you my thoughts, ideas, breaking news and on all the things I am passionate about such as the brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people.

The people I focus on are those whom I consider to be trendsetters, visionaries and forward thinkers who are shaping the world around them and others who are a need to talk about. Gwlmag.com is your connection to the new, fresh and dope.

Name: Shane Witter

From: Bronx, New York

Occupation: College Student & Blogger

Affiliations: Gwlmag.com

Shane Witter makes a living by, blogging and working full-time at a law firm in New York City. He documents fashion, music, culture, travel and just about anything that he experiences on his blog, Gossipwelove.com. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica., Shane considers himself to be a cultural participant. “I’m passionate about sharing stories on things that I’m passionate about,” he says. And in this day and age where social media has become the true voice of culture, Shane Witter is already two steps ahead.

Why did you decide to start your own blog?

I had an online magazine that was about sharing information with my audience. It was a local thing, documenting what was happening in my life until i decided to take it to the next level. Gossipwelove.com was an extension of that and what I enjoyed doing, “That is giving People Update-to-date” news. And I just started it as a necessity to keep my readers involved.

How would you define your style?

Wow, I get asked this question a lot and it changes all the time. My style represents a few things. It’s a huge component of fashion and function. I like wearing High top sneakers, but I like my sneakers to be HOT! Plus in case it snows I’m always warm and comfortable. My pants sometimes might be water resistant, tight or loose depending on the mood I’m in at times. LMAO just don’t judge me.

What are your favorite spots to eat at in New York?

I don’t have a special spot, but once it looks nice and clean, I’m down to chow. Recently I’ve been eating at Brians Kitchen. The new spot In Yonkers, NY Located in Getty’s Square. The chicken, rice and meat balls is phenomenal plus the price is just right.

What music are you listening to? What’s in your iPod right now?

I listen to hip-hop , souls, a little old school and R&B. I’m listening to Take Care. Someone sent me the link, but I am going to buy it and support.

Final words:

“Blogging ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta to do it”

Shane Witter
Founder & Editor