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Deadpool Gets Turned Down By The Avengers

Source: 20th Century Fox / 20th Century Fox After leaving millions of moviegoers in a state of shock and awe, Avengers: Infinity War ultimately went on to make history with a $250 million record setting debut weekend (R.I.P. DCEU). To celebrate their huge win, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds posted a mock rejection letter from Starks Enterprise…

Rae Sremmurd Talk Retiring ‘Up Like Trump,’ And Keeping A “Swole Mentality” With Desus & Mero Talk

The Bodega Boys talk to Rae Sremmurd about the Fusion Dance that led to their TRIPLE album, the mannequin challenge, the keys to the Rock’n Roll lifestyle, having a swole mentality, the wildest scenes at their shows, and retiring “Up Like Trump.” YouTube Video Link & Embed CodeLink:

Kimmy Explains Why Lil Chicago West Wasn’t Named After Kanye’s Mother Instead [Video]

Kimmy explains that the name ‘Donda’ might have been a bit much for their little baby daughter to live up to. Also, Kanye was busy playing Connect 4 in the other room while their baby girl was being born. Getty/YouTube Video Link & Embed CodeLink: